Welcome to ASME @ Georgia Tech

The student chapter of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) at the Georgia Institute of Technology is a dedicated student-run organization which strives to promote and create opportunities for professional development for mechanical engineering students. To do so, our organizations hosts a variety of events, from weekly meetings with world-renowned companies and professors to annual mechanical engineering career fairs to networking events with our industry partners. Through these activities, ASME members are able to better understand the field and how to progress successfully through their academic and professional careers. Our goal is to celebrate the spirit of being a mechanical engineer at Georgia Tech.

Fall 2017 ASME Career Fair:

The 2017 Fall career fair will be held on September 18th-19th in the Student Center Ballroom.  If you are a company representative interested in attending the career fair, please visit the Career Fair page for more information.

ASME Weekly Meetings:

Check the Weekly Meetings page under the Events tab to see the list of meetings for the semester.

If you are a company representative interested in presenting at a weekly meeting during the Fall 2017 semester, please email us at asme@gatech.edu.


If you are a student interested in being a part of ASME@Georgia Tech, please join our organization on OrgSync. We will be sending out all information on events through this starting after the career fair, so you need to be a member of ASME on OrgSync in order to receive updates.  You will also be required to be a member on OrgSync in order to enter the career fair!